Our Approach

CMS employs a "laddered leadership" approach that assures technical excellence and strategic supervision. As our client, you benefit in several ways:

Your requirements are met from day one. Site and area supervisors join your principals and specialists in client information-gathering sessions, creating a seamless transition. They hear your priorities directly.

Your service solution is tailored. We offer multiple options within your budget.

Your risk is minimized. We have multiple well-supervised teams capable of stepping in as unexpected situations arise.

You can expect full accountability. CMS staff members receive ongoing training and motivation. As a result, they consistently perform to a higher service level.

We are not just your vendor … We are your partner!

Our Systems

We optimize the use of resources by developing a systems approach to achieve our goals. Our cleaning systems revolve around state of the art programs that enable us to efficiently and effectively set up onsite services. schedule tasks, track work orders, perform inspections and provide our clients with real time performance metrics.

We are CIMS green certified with Honors, one of only a handful of companies to achieve this. The Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) system is used throughout our orgaization. We ensure that we achieve the highest possible certified standards for all our clients.

The CleanTelligent program is a web based scheduling, tracking, and inspection system that is instrumental in tracking work orders, setting and maintaining cleaning schedules. Supervisors and clients are able to ensure accountability for task completion and quality control.

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